Latronic Sunpower Pty Ltd is an entirely Australian owned company

Registered in the state of Queensland, the company was established on 1st February 1985 and operates from Moffat Beach Business Park, Moffat Beach, QLD 4551.

The principal business of the company is to design and manufacture power Inverters that convert DC battery power to AC mains power. All products are manufactured with the Latronics registered trademark.

With the main focus on high quality customised solutions, the company has adopted a policy of continuous improvement increasing its overall efficiency, while implementing Quality Standards like ISO 9001. The success of the Inverter range has enabled the company to undertake research and development into new and improved products associated with alternative energy, culminating in the emphasis on quality, reliability, and efficiency.  

We pride ourselves on offering the widest range of custom fit solutions, ensuring the best value and efficiency for any kind of project. Our customer service compliments this, with our staff taking the time to understand customers' systems, focusing on helping with valuble advice and techincal knowledge.

Since its inception, the company has grown in strength and stature as evidenced by the release of our, now retired PV Edge Inverters, and the popular LS SERIES of wall mount Inverters. Company growth has been further enhanced by the ability to undertake special industrial projects in both development and production stages. To date, Latronics have manufactured customised units for mines, railways, telecommunications, antarctic facilities, and various power utilities.

Latronics have supplied quality Inverters for domestic, industrial and alternative energy markets to over 30 countries. Pioneering and constantly refining a highly sophisticated quality management system ensures that Latronics Inverters continue as the standard against which other Inverters are measured.


Environmental Statement

As an environmentally responsible company, we embrace every opportunity to develop a sustainable future.

Our commitment to the environment extends well beyond the recyclable case housing our technologically advanced inverters. Highly skilled engineers have designed products that not only outlast most of our competitors, but can be easily repaired and recommissioned to last even longer – should anything ever actually fault!

This commitment reflects our philosophy to design and manufacture products that abstain from a ‘throw-away’ society.

The manufacturing process for all of our products generates very little waste. Our quality-focussed employees recognise the importance of waste minimisation and even strive to exceed our stringent waste management programs. In fact, with so many different recycling bins, Latronics recycles just about everything from cardboard to copper to the components of obsolete circuit boards.

Unlike most other manufacturers, our manufacturing process is also carbon neutral. With over 74kW of panels masquerading our buildings large roof, it could be argued that our manufacturing process even ‘helps’ the environment as we often export more power to the grid than we use.

One of our secrets in minimising our environmental impact is that our building and premises take advantage of the abundant natural surroundings. Natural lighting and as much natural ventilation as practically possible is integrated into all buildings – significantly reducing our need for electricity. Incorporating water tanks, solar hot water, vegetable planters and even a wood fired oven, we aim to make a healthy and sustainable use of our environment.

Latronics is also a founding member of Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast who as an industry body help promote efficient, clean and green energy practices

By continuously monitoring and reducing our impact on the environment, we can confidently assure our customers that any Latronics product purchased is manufactured under the greenest circumstances.

Latronics was the World's first Carbon Neutral Inverter Manufacturer

In late December 2007 our 20.3kW Grid Connect system was commissioned. Combined with an existing 5.6kW array, we increased to a total solar input of 26kW making our factory, at the time, one of the largest Solar installations in QLD. Adding the 74kW's on our new building we now have a total of 100kW.

As a company that manufactures products for the renewable energy and sustainability markets, we find it more than nessesary to practice what we preach.

"Latronics is dedicated to producing quality products for the benefit of our planets future"


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