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Wanting to do your bit for the environment, maintenance and trouble free? Latronics range of On-Grid Inverters convert the power from solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable sources straight into the grid without the need for large, expensive batteries.

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Mobile and Marine Power

Need mains power on the go? Latronics Inverters are the perfect product for your boat, caravan or camping adventure.

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Remote Area

When the electricity grid does not stretch out to you in the remote parts of Australia, let a Latronics Inverter power your life on your property. The Latronics range of Inverters can reliably power all types of mains powered appliances from ovens to arc welders.

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Industrial and Back-up Power

When you need a back up power solution the Latronics 19” Rack mount IRM Series Inverters lead the way in reliability and simplicity.

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Latronics will cease all manufacturing 30th June 2024. We will then cease all repairs, warranty, guarantees and support on 30th June 2025*
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