Latronics Energy Meter

Energy Meter


The Latronics DIN rail Energy Meter is a functional and informative meter that can be fitted to any mains or off-grid electrical installation.

It features a large LCD screen showing:

  • AC Voltage (V)
  • AC Current (A)
  • AC Frequency (Hz)
  • Power Factor (cosø)
  • Instaneous Power (kW)
  • Accumulative Power (kWh) (including total counter and ressetable counter)

The Energy Meter can be used in many applications such as monitoring your power consumption or power generation from your PV Edge or any other grid connect inverter.

It also features a impulse connection that can be used for connection to other monitoring hardware/software.


Data Value
Voltage 230VAC±20%
Current 80A
Accuracy Class 1.0
Wire size Up to 25mm²
Standard IEC61036
Frequency 50/60Hz
Impulse Constant 1000imp/kWh
Power Consumption <=8VA <=0.4W
Temperature Range -20ºC to +65ºC
Impulse Indication Flashing Red LED
Average Working Humidty (year) 75%
Maximum Working Humidity 95%
DIN width

2 Modules Wide

Warranty 1 year


Energy Meter

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