SATS - Solar Array DC Transfer Switch

Solar Array Transfer Switch


Converting existing grid connect systems to off grid couldn’t be more simple than using the Latronics Solar Array Transfer Switch.

The Solar Array Transfer Switch (SATS) diverts a solar array of up to 600V, 20A d.c. from one destination to another. It can be used to convert any grid connect system to a hybrid off grid system and keep the existing grid connect inverter. As you are using the existing grid connect inverter no new applications or approvals are normally required.  

Configuration options and monitoring

The SATS can be triggered to change on an external signal such as an output from a solar charge controller.The relay output means you are able to attach an external light or indicator to show where the power is being sent to. You can connect multiple units using one SATS as the master and have up to 10 slave units.

Double pole transfer

Both the positive and negative conductors of the solar array are switched. This gives great flexibility for component choice. At night both relays are relaxed and in the off state meaning it removes reverse discharge at night eliminating the need for a blocking diode.

Electrically safe and reliable

The SATS is designed in accordance to AS 60947 and AS/NZS 3947.6.1.All wiring terminals comply with the AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 5033 wiring installation standard.

Easy installation

Installation is as simple as fixing to the wall, plugging in the solar array and two loads. No need for a separate power supply as the SATSis powered from the solar array!The cable entries for auxiliary input/output are simple screw type cable glands ensuring tight IP65 protection.



Model SATS-210 SATS-220
Voltage input 100V-500V d.c. 100V - 600V d.c.
Current input max 10A 20A
Operating temperature -10 - 50 °C
Power Connectors


Enclsure IP rating IP65
Standards AS 60947.1, AS/NZS 3947.6.1, AS/NZS 3100
Weight 1.2kgs
External Trigger Input 24V d.c.
Aux Output Volt free contacts (Rated to 240V a.c., 10A)
Dimension 170 x 135 x 90 mm
Warranty 2 years


Solar Array Transfer Switch
Solar Array Transfer Switch

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