Turbine Controller (No Longer Available)


The Latronics Turbine Controller utilises a highly sophisticated micro-controller design to deliver a stable and safe supply of power to the grid connect inverter.

Designed specifically to integrate with the Latronics PV Edge Grid Connect inverters, it allows battery-less grid connection of DC of 3-phase AC wind and water turbines.

Internal Rectifier

Allows for direct connection to turbine (3 Phase AC or DC Voltage)

Wall mount design

Allows flexibility and ease of installation.

Electronic Smart Brake

The electronic braking system progressively increases the braking until the turbine comes to a complete stop. This will extend bearing life and prevent damage to both the PV Edge and Turbine during extreme conditions.

DC Circuit Breaker

DC circuit breaker allows easy disconnection from the turbine.


Experience since 1985 and continuous adherence to stringent quality standards ensures optimum reliability backed with a full 2 year parts and labour warranty.


Suitable for use with Wind Generators, Micro Hydro and other Renewable Turbine Sources.

Durable Construction

Latronics Turbine Controllers are made to the highest quality to provide years of reliable operation.

Corrosion Conscious Design

Latronics Turbine Controllers are built for extreme environments using a recyclable powdercoated aluminium casing, a more noble metal than steel.

LED Status Indicators

A set of LED's keeps the user informed of its operation at all times.

  • Insufficient power to feed grid
  • Sufficient power to feed grid
  • Electronic Smart Braking Active

LED Status Indicators

A set of LEDs keeps the user informed of its operation at all times.

  • Insufficient power to feed grid.

  • Sufficient power to feed grid.

  • Electronic Smart Braking Active.


  • Green LED Flashing: Indicates there is power present, but insufficient levels to begin feeding the grid.

  • Green LED On: Indicates there is sufficient power to feed the grid.

  • Red LED On: Indicates the turbine is over-spinning and the Electronic Smart Braking System is functioning.

Multiple Input Types

The Latronics Turbine Controllers come standard with a voltage rectifier. This means 3 phase AC or DC Voltage can be fed in to the Turbine controller.



Model TC48 TC96
Voltage 48V 96V
Current 25A
Brake system Electronic PWM brake
Brake voltage 75VDC 150VDC
Dump load Not required Required
Weight 2kg
Connections Screw terminal junction boxes
Chassis Powder coated 2mm aluminium
Dimensions 260 x 160 x 100mm
Warranty 2 Years
Ratings Specifications @ 25°C ambient

Due to constant improvements specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



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