Our Plans To Become A Recycling Specialist

In July 2025, Latronics the inverter manufacturer will rebirth as Latronics 2.0, a not-for-profit based in regional Queensland dedicated to recycling up to 40,000 inverters, made by us over forty years, as they reach the end of their long and productive lives creating solar energy.

Designed For Recycling

Sustainability was a cornerstone fo the design requirements for every Latronics inverter. For example:


"Approximately 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today as it can be recycled endlessly without compromising any of its unique properties or quality." Australian Aluminium Council


"Copper is virtually infinitely recyclable. Once the only metal known, humanms have been recycling it for thousands of years. Some of our inverters contain meters of fully recyclable copper wiring."

Example 3

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Example 4

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We Buy Pre-Loved Latronics Inverters, and Recycle Them

Do you have a pre-loved Latronics inverter that has reached hte end of its energy-producing productive life?

We'll buy it back from you.

It won't make you rich.

But a few extra bucks is always welcome.

Plus, you can leave your inverter with us knowing you've done the right thing for the planet, your community and your decedents.

Benefits of Recycling

We're currently building a 680 square meter shed where our inverter recycling will take place. Our current plans include recycled end-of-life inverters to create:

  • Example #1
  • Example #2
  • Example #3

Recycling FAQ's

> How much money will I receive for my pre-loved Latronics inverter?

> Can I donate my pre-loved Latronics inverter without asking for any money in return?

> Where do I go to hand over my pre-loved Latronics inverter for recycling?

> Do I need an appointment to hand-over my pre-loved Latronics inverter, or can I stop by anytime?

> Will I be paid in cash or by electronic transfer?

Got recycling questions? Contact us.


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