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Residential (On Grid)

Why is DC / AC isolation important?

If the DC and AC are not isolated the Inverter would place dangerous AC voltages on the battery terminals and greatly increase the potential for electric shock.

All Latronics® Inverters are completely isolated from input to output via a toroidal transformer. This gives an isolation rating of 3500 V between the DC input and AC output. Active and neutral are both floating with respect to the DC input and earth.


Remote/Mobile (Off grid)

Can I fit an inverter with a RCD to a vehicle?

Latronics® inverters can be fitted with an earth leakage device or RCD, however in order for these devices to operate the earth and neutral must be bonded at the input of the RCD. In domestic wiring this scenario does not present any problems due to the large earth plane that can be created. However, in vehicles the inverter case which is connected to earth, would need to be connected with the vehicle chassis to provide an earth plane. This connection results in earth, neutral and battery negative being bonded together, which results in the loss of the isolation between AC and DC.


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