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Something unprecedented in our industry is in store for our company. It's exciting. At midnight on the 30th of June 2025, Latronics will release into the public domain all of the design details and intellectual property (IP) behind our entire range of off-grid LS Series solar inverters. Yes, that's right, we're giving away our 'crown jewels'.

As a result, from the 1st of July 2025, any individual, organization or business will be able to use our IP to make one of our off-grid inverters themselves (providing they have the right skills, equipment, materials and qualifications, of course). At the same time, we will cease production of Latronics' LS Series inverters and AC Transfer Switches to focus on our growing passion for recycling. (See below.)

Introducing Latronics' Pre-Loved Inverter Sell-Back-To-Us Option

Few electrical products are as robust, reliable and long-lasting as a Latronics LS Series stand-alone inverter. Even so, no electrical product lasts forever. That's why Latronics LS Series inverters are designed with sustainability in mind. The aluminum casing and copper wiring are fully recyclable, for example. Many other components have productive second-lives ahead of them, given a chance.

Our passion for recycling is so strong that from July 2025, when we cease LS Series manufacturing, our business will be transformed into a non-for-profit electronics recycling specialist based in regional Queensland.

The primary mission of Latronics 2.0 - as we have come to think of it - will be to recycle pre-loved Latronics inverters and related products as they retire from decades of service.

We're so serious about this we've already launched a pre-loved Latronics Inverter Sell-Back-To-Us option for LS and PV series owners.



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