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Pioneering inverter technology since 1985.

Our mission is to empower anyone to run any standard appliance from their own power source, anytime, anywhere, and to do that, innovation is vital.

Since our foundation in 1985 we have built a deep understanding of the issues and opportunities facing power electronics in an Australian context. Our innovation agenda focuses on making technologies of world class standard; the highest quality; highest reliability; highly efficient; easy to use; easy to install; easy to maintain and a joy to own.

Importantly, innovation always starts with the customer. We serve many segments and each has discrete challenges. The better we understand customers’ wants and needs, the better positioned we are to research and develop the breakthroughs that help them work, rest and play. (So if you have ideas on how we can make inverters that better meet your needs, we would love to hear from you.)

We have tested our products to many standards such as
AS/NZS 5603
C-tick and RCM.
AS/NZS 3760
AS/NZS 3100
AS/NZS 3000
ETS 300
IEC 62109-1
IEC 62109-2
AS/NZS 60335-1
AS/NZS 60335-2-29

To provide all these innovative products requires precise, reliable and well calibrated equipment. Over the years Latronics has obtained and used many devices in helping develop world-class products including:

Yokogawa WT500 Power analyzer
PMM 7000 Emissions Pre-compliance System
Magna-Power TS Maximum Power Point
Steridium o140 Laboratory oven
Kyoritsu 3132A Insulation and continuity
GW Instek LCR-819 LCR meter
HP 3581V Selective
Flir I5 Infrared Camera
Cedar CD-150M Torque Calibrator


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