Remote Area Power


Off-Grid Products for Remote Area Power

The Remote Area Power System comprises of three main parts:

  • A battery to store your energy
  • A charger to recharge your batteries, which could be solar panels, wind turbine or a generator.
  • Finally an Inverter to convert the energy stored in your batteries to something you can use.

A Latronics pure Sinewave Inverter has the power and reliability needed for these types of installations.

Remote Area Power Products

Stand Alone Inverter (LS Series 500W - 8000W)

 The Latronics LS Series Stand-alone inverters are powerful, reliable and utilise advanced microprocessor algorithms to ensure your power conversion is pure and stable. Wall Mounted Design A wall mount design allows flexibility and ease of… more

Energy Meter
Latronics Energy Meter

The Latronics DIN rail Energy Meter is a functional and informative meter that can be fitted to any mains or off-grid electrical installation. It features a large LCD screen showing:… more

kWh Meter
Latronics kWh Meter

The Latronics kWh meter is a single phase class 1 watt hour meter . One Module DIN rail mountable Pulse output with LED flash Capable of measuring up to 32A continuously Impulse Connection Details An impulse connection can be connected across… more

High Speed Automatic AC Transfer Switch ACTS40

No more manual changeover switch or inconvenient extension leads, the Latronics High Speed AC Transfer Switch is a fool proof, hassle free solution for multiple power source systems. Fast input switching (transfer time of approx 12ms) ensures a… more

Latronics Optional Extras and Customisations

 Over the years we have recognised that there is often no ‘one size fits all solution’ for power electronics. Many different users and applications have many different nuances and needs.… more




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